Eczema Lotion Reviews

Lotions Review for Eczema

In the past, most lotions on the market were catered to the general public. Being a person suffering from Eczema, I did a lot searching during this time for a lotion that worked well for my Eczema.  Currently they are several Lotions catered to Eczema which is fantastic, but yet again, some still do not work that well.

My List

I did a review of the best 5 lotions for eczema that I have given positive results. I also explained what Ceramides are and why it’s a considered a secret ingredient found in many eczema lotions and creams.

Below is a table showing all the lotions that I have reviewed.  The first 3 in this list are my top 3.  Remember all lotions are not created equal among this group.

cetaphil Eczema, best lotions for Eczema
Cetaphil Eczema
CeraVe Moisturizing LotionCeraVe
Curel Itch Defense Lotion Curel: Itch Defence Lotion
Dream Cream - Lush
Lush Dream Wash & Dream
Hand CreamsEarth Science Multi-Therapy Ceramide Healthy Skin Lotion

Do Lotions work for Eczema ?

A lotions job is to simply re-hydrate, moisturizes and soften the skin. Compared to Creams, lotions are milder and not usually as effective at moisturizing. Lotion main ingredient is aqua (water) and has a low amount of oil. In the past I have stated that there is a difference of ratio in terms of water (or aqua) to oil & base (shea/cocoa butter) within a lotion and cream. Lotions and creams provide different thickness & levels of moisture in the skin.

By having a larger percentage of Water as an ingredient, lotions will evaporate quicker. (National Eczema Association) The rate of evaporation can increase depending on the type of alcohol that is used, since alcohol tends to evaporate very quickly as well.(Alcohol is used as a preservative)

Another issue with lotions is that it may contribute to the dryness of the skin which causes a person to be constantly reapplying their lotion many times a day. If you find yourself reapplying every hour or so, than it simply NOT a good moisturizer to begin with. It would end up being a complete waste of money. For this reason, we would think lotions are not good for people who have bad cases of dry and itchy skin.

Do I Recommend It?

Lotions do work well for people with milder cases of eczema and who live in a humid country where there is constant moisture in the air. Lotions may also work best during the Summer (hot & humid) versus winter(dry cold air).

So if you are suffering from a higher case of eczema, than creams may be the way to go, but understand there are exceptions and creams are more expensive.  Also creams may only be necessary in areas prone to dryness like the knees, elbows, feet and especially the hands.  Please check out my article on the best hand creams for Eczema.  I also have my own home body cream recipe you can try that is not watery like lotions and is all natural (you can get it by signing up to my mailing list below) .

A tip for finding a good lotion is to be familiar with the key ingredients and especially the ingredient called ceramides as I have mentioned earlier in the post.

I grew up with a mild to severe case of Eczema. I'm all about skin care tips, good eating, skin cream reviews, and healthy & positive living!