Best Lotions for Eczema

Over the years I have tried many lotions catered to Eczema sufferers. A few have impressed me, but many of them just irritated my skin. In the past, I notice the most common marketing terms used for skin products catered to Eczema (or dry skin), were “anti-itch” and “itch relief.” Nowadays, “Ceramide” is a term used a lot and is considered to be a secret ingredient found in many lotions.

But what are Ceramides?

Ceramide is a lipid (or fat) found on all human skin, and is located on the top part of the skin along with two other lipids such as cholesterol and free fatty acids (Brannon, 2007). Ceramides is the main barrier of the skin accounting for 40-50% of the lipids.


This specific layer prevents chemicals entering the skin while simultaneously maintaining the water inside the skin responsible for moisture (para. 1) .

Ceramides and dry skin layers Diagram

 Scientists discovered that people with eczema significantly have lower numbers of ceramides in this layer compared to people with normal skin. So any skin-care products with Ceramides are meant to fill the missing ceramides of Eczema sufferers. 

Please understand that not all moisturizers with ceramides are created equal. Some are still the regular moisturizers regardless of it being mentioned, if the cholesterol and the free fatty acid are not found within the ingredients (Brannon, 2007). Restoring the right ratio of ceramides and the other two lipids is the key in maintaining moisture and function of the skin barrier (para. 4).

If you have read my earlier articles, I often complained how most Eczema skin products fail to restore moisture which is important in selecting a good Eczema lotion. So what is the Top ones? Below are my picks which have ceramides.

Best Lotions for Eczema List:

cetaphil and Curel for Eczema, best lotions for Eczema

1.Cetaphil: Restoraderm

Cetaphil has a smooth texture and real smooth feeling as soon as it touches the skin. I can instantly feel it being absorb into the skin. This lotion is thick but felt light on the skin. It really does its job in moisturizing my skin. I found many products meant for dry skin are too light which often fails at moisturizing my somewhat scaly dry skin. I recommend trying this during the winter months.

This is the only lotion in my list that has Filaggrin as part of its ingredients. According to the label, this ingredient helps retain moisture. From my own research, I found that Fillagrin plays a key role in the epidermal (skin) barrier to help protect the skin.

However it does come with a bit of high price tag compared to other regular lotion of the same size. If one can afford it, then I can recommend this one as an option. Also from talking with many mothers, they recommend the regular Cetaphil lotion (minus the Ceramide) for younger child with eczema.

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My local dermatologist recommended me to try CeraVe, as it has worked for a wider range of people with dry skin. It has a thinner texture than that of Cetaphil. When applied on my skin it felt watery, runny and oily, but very effective in plumping the skin immediately especially around the hands. It wasn’t too greasy or sticky which is a plus.

Overal it does work well, but I still like Cetaphil a bit better, may be due to the feeling of it. It really comes down to individual preference, so this is also a great option.

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3.Curel: Itch Defence Lotion

I would say Curel is the most affordable of out of all the ones I’ve used. It feels nearly as good as Cetaphil when applied. Since I am active and most likely to apply lotion at least twice a day, I find it sufficiently effective in restoring my skin. Along with its low price it became my personal favorite. I find it more economically feasible for me since I use it often. You can find many great deals for this lotion compared to the other two. So always keep a lookout on price drops at your local store and check regularly online.

Curel Itch Defense Lotion

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FINAL WORDS: I can personally say that nowadays there are more choices of lotions as in the past, so there are plenty to try out. Please leave me a comment on what your experiences are with these products or if you have any recommendations that have been effective for you.

Also check out my updated video version below.

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