Eczema Questions from Readers – Series 1

This post will be update periodically on questions from readers.  The focus of this piece are common question that I usually received through email and other social media outlets.   This is a great way to learn about the condition especially if you were recently diagnosed.  Feel free to send me an email if you have any further questions as I am here to help! Also for those you want to answer some of the questions please reply in the comment section. Love to hear your view and also what others have gone through.

*All questions listed here are not exact when it was sent to me.  I have combined these questions with other questions of the same matter and I further modified them.  All parties’ names are removed.

Question 1.

What lotions or creams should I look into, I find organic products work but they can be very expensive especially the amount I use.

One solution is to make your own product and if you join my mailing list below, you will receive my free PDF guide on making your own body butter using essential oils.  The issue with making your own, is the upfront cost of the ingredients because in order to save money, you have to buy in bulk.  You will also need room to store the ingredients in the fridge.  But you will save a lot of money in the long run. I suggest trying it anyways to see if it is viable for you.

The other alternative is to try my recommend top creams and lotions(see this).   Yes they are not organic but they are more affordable especially if you use a lot of moisturizers like myself.  All of my picks are fragrance free and most will have ceramides a beneficial ingredient  in preventing chemicals from entering through our skin and helps to retain moisture.

Like always I tell my readers to test any new skin products by following my 24-48 hour skin test.  This test also helps in providing hints whether you may be allergic to a certain ingredient found in the product.

Question 2.

Are Allergies a big trigger for Flare-ups?

Another aspect of Eczema to be aware about is the ingredients in food that we consume as well.  Just like creams/lotions there may be an ingredient that triggers bad Eczema flare-ups.

For some it could consist one or a combination of dairy, tomatoes, gluten, bananas, too much sugar intake (both natural & process sugar), too much caffeine (teas/coffee/sodas), not drinking enough water?

Keep in mind that everyone’s different which is why it’s difficult to generalize.

People reported that once they found their allergies and took the appropriate action, then their itching episodes decreased.  An appropriate action would be if you found out you can’t eat beans… there’s usually a substitute or an alternative. For example, I switch from peanut butter to almond butter (since it’s the only nut I can eat).

What is annoying is that sometimes our allergies changes as we get much older, so it’s important to never stop to write down the foods that you consumed after a bad episode of Eczema.  It is always a great idea to use a booklet/organizer, a phone app, or spreadsheet to record this information.  Don’t forget to add the date and also provide a rating system for the severity of your flare-up for each entry.

Question 3.

I wanted to ask you why my skin starts feeling itchy and I get the worst eczema ever when I start a healthy diet.  

I have heard some people went through the same boat as you. The theory is that once your body adapts to a healthy eating, it detoxifies (getting rid toxins or the bad stuff that has been accumulated in body for a longtime). Your skin is the largest excretory organ therefore has a lot to deal with which can cause big flare-ups in the beginning. It may be a natural process before your body adapts to it and your skin will become clearer. I am no dietician but its what I gathered from the discussion with other eczema sufferers that were trying to eat healthier.

You are taking the right first step in changing your diet to a healthier one, but also make sure to check for any new allergies because this may change as we age.

Question 4.

My kid’s eczema showed up after birth and now in her teens has been itching ever since. We have tried everything! She uses Tramcinalone ointment on her body and vanicream on her face. She has to be on steroids on occasion. I would love to know your thoughts.

I do recall having the worst eczema during my childhood trying numerous prescription creams/lotions while enduring the itch-rash cycle. I am not familiar with Tramcinalone ointment but I know it’s a topical corticosteroid which either can help broken skin (when skin hardly heals and oozes) or speed up the healing on any eczema spots while toning down the scaling. The itching part is really difficult to deal with.  I’d be weary of being on the steroids for a long period of time but from you said, it only has been occasionally.

Although I have heard good reviews of vanicream, I personally never tried it, and I assume that these products aren’t working at the moment.  I believe that everyone has a preference so one product may work better for some than others.

Since this is basically fall/winter time, eczema can appear at its worst from the dry cold air which makes our skin dry out more (more dryness = more itching). I’m not sure exactly which part of the world you are from but I know moisturizing is very critical and not all moisturizers offer same potency to keep our skin soft and smooth  even it was marketed for eczema. Also the lack of sun exposure in the winter time decreases our vitamin D deficiency that reduces our skin immunity, so phototheraphy (light-therapy) could be a good alternative besides taking vitamin D’s and steroids.

Because of the severity of your kid’s condition, ask your dermatologist if he/she familiar with photo-theraphy and also may give better options.

I grew up with a mild to severe case of Eczema. I'm all about skin care tips, good eating, skin cream reviews, and healthy & positive living!