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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Chamomile

Have you ever wondered why, when you were younger, your parents tried to force Chamomile tea upon you whenever you suffered from an illness? They weren’t just doing it for the sake of it, they were trying to make you better. There is no herb more versatile or beneficial than Chamomile. Not only can it treat a range of conditions – and alleviate a range of symptoms – but it also comes with very few, if any, side effects. This is not often the case with most natural herbs.

It offers several disease-fighting anti-oxidants, and promote tranquility, youthfulness, health and vitality. We would battle to list all the health benefits of Chamomile within this article, but below you can read about five of the most popular and well-known benefits of this magical plant.

It helps those suffering from anxiety and depression

As the leading cause of disability in the world, it’s of little wonder to many that people are always on the lookout for alternative depression medication. While anti-depressants are effective, they come with a whole host of side effects – many of which can be worse than depression or anxiety itself. As 350 million people suffer from depression on a daily basis, it’s important we make it known that there are natural ways to reduce the impact depression has on your life.

Chamomile, in essential oil form, works as a sedative. It calms the nerves, relaxes the body and improves your sleep quality. Simply inhale the vapors and apply drops to the back of your neck and wrists.

It’s a natural alleviator of allergy symptoms

Between 10 and 30 percent of the world’s population suffers from an allergy. Although Chamomile can’t alleviate them all, it can certainly help with seasonal allergies. Not only does it work as effectively, if not more so, than conventional over-the-counter allergy medication, but it’s cost-effective as well. As a natural anti-histamine, it can help you to build up a natural resistance with just 2-3 cups of Chamomile tea per day. Sweeteners such as honey can also be added if you’re not a huge lover of the taste! Oddly enough, however, if you’re allergic to ragweed, chamomile will not help. In fact, you may find that it further enhances the symptoms, rather than alleviates them.

It has anti-inflammatory properties

If you’re tired of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories not removing your source of pain, try chamomile. As either an oil or an herb, it will help with reducing pain, swelling, redness, irritation and congestion. It’s often referred to as an herbal aspirin and can be far better for your health than standard aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication.

It helps those suffering from menstrual conditions

It’s all too easy when you’re suffering from menstrual cramps to reach for a bottle of Aspirin, or a block of chocolate… however, there is a far more natural and beneficial way of fighting menstrual cramps. Chamomile tea contain compounds that not only fight infections, colds and flus, but work to relieve menstrual cramps as well. It definitely makes sense to include it into on your shopping list!

It enables you to get a good night’s sleep

Do you struggle to doze off at night? Are you tired of taking sleeping pills that can be dangerous if taken for long periods of time? Try chamomile tea. As a mild sedative and sleep inducer, this tea could be the answer you’re looking for. Within chamomile is a flavonoid called apigenin. This binds to the benzodiazepine receptors within your brain, telling it to slow down, relax, and go to sleep. Having a good night sleep has many benefits to your health especially if you have Eczema.

It can seem so convenient to keep a range of different pills in your medicine cabinet for ailments, but one simple herb can be enough to alleviate symptoms for a range of conditions. The next time you’re at a grocery store, stock up on chamomile tea and notice the difference in your everyday life.  If you are curious about other healthy teas, then you should check out this article.

Exceptional Benefits of Frankincense Oil?

Boswellia Sacra tree is the source for Frankincense oil that is found in the country of Somalia. Not only has it been associated with various religions, especially Christianity as it was one of the first gifts from the three wise men given to baby Jesus.  It is also known as the “King of the Oils.”

It has also been used for hundreds of years for its health benefits.

Frankincense oil can be used topically or as a scent . Typically, it’s mixed with another oil, or a lotion, so that it goes further. However, a little oil can go a long way, and large quantities are not recommended. Below, we’ve listed six exceptional benefits, and side effects.

Stress and anxiety

When you’re having a particularly bad day, and you can’t fight the feelings of stress and anxiety, Frankincense oil can help. Just add a couple of drops to a hot bath or put some in a diffuser. It helps you to feel relaxed, less stressed, and many people believe it even increases your levels of intuition and spiritual connection.

Oral hygiene

If you’re suffering from bad breath or you like to keep your mouth fresh and free of cavities, consider adding Frankincense oil to your toothpaste. It has a sweet aroma and helps prevent nasty breath, decay and cavities of the tooth and even oral infections.

Aging remedy

Frankincense can help tighten and lift aging skin that can become saggy over time. As it’s a powerful astringent, it protects skin cells while fighting the typical signs of aging. Mix it with unscented oil and apply directly to your skin. We recommend doing a test patch first to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction.

Digestive problems

If you’re suffering from IBS, PMS, cramps, stomach aches, gas, constipation or gastrointestinal discomfort, try Frankincense oil. It works by speeding up the digestive process and functions similarly to digestive enzymes.

Supposedly you can ingest it if you drop in one or 2 drops of it into a cup of water.

I haven’t tried this yet so make sure to do more research on this and one major note, make sure to use the oil in the one hundred percent pure form (avoid the fragrance version)


If you’re tired of dark marks, blemishes, acne, stretch marks and wounds, add two drops of water mixed in with lotion and apply to those affected areas. Ensure the skin is not broken. It helps to reduce any scars(to a certain extent) and works just as efficiently as other skin products that are far more expensive.

Cold and flu

A common cold or influenza can strike anyone at any time. If a side effect of your condition is a respiratory infection, we recommend inhaling Frankincense oil. It removes blocked phlegm while providing relief from incessant coughing. For best results, use one of them oil diffuser or inhale from a cloth.

Side effects

As with most essential oils, there are a few things to be aware of.  First of all there hasn’t been reports on major side effects associated with the use of frankincense oil, ingesting large quantities can be toxic. Some people also suffer from rashes, stomach pain, nausea and digestive problems as a result of its use. Anyone with a history of blood clotting please refrain from using it.

For more information on how to mix this oil or other essential oils and use it as a body cream then please visit this link.

Is Clary Sage a Natural Savior? Here are some Benefits of this Miracle Herb

If Mother Nature was a person, she would have received more accolades and rewards than any other, for simply creating clary sage. Clary sage, a plant native to Europe, has been known as an alleviator of many conditions for a number of years. However, it’s not the plant itself that deserves the pat on the back, it’s the essential oil that’s extracted from the buds and leaves.

Clary sage essential oil is used to treat a variety of modern day conditions, and is even used to flavor muscatel wine. As a “jack of all trades”, it’s clear to see you’re onto a winner when you find yourself in possession of clary sage.

It helps with depression

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Top 5 Beauty Benefits of Glycerin Oil

When you’re tired of handing your money over to pharmaceutical companies for beauty products that just aren’t working, it’s time to look elsewhere. When you purchase a beauty product, you expect to get results, but often these results are substantially more noticeable when you get to the source of the ingredients.

Take glycerin for example. Glycerin is the by-product of water and fat. While it might not sound appealing, it actually has many beauty and health benefits above and beyond those you would normally get from a standard beauty topical cream (so why not make your own home- made concoction). In fact, glycerin oil is preferred by many people due to its ability to absorb and retain water, while offering a sweet flavor when consumed.  Did you know glycerin is removed from most commercial soaps?

Below are ways you could be using glycerin to your advantage.

For skin conditions

For many people, eczema and psoriasis, among many other skin conditions, can be a nightmare. You could clear the drugstore of all kinds of topical creams and end up making the condition worse. So, when you’ve tried almost everything, would you consider using glycerin oil? Because of the water-retaining benefits, glycerine has been known to contribute to healthy skin regeneration. Try it for yourself and notice the results.

To treat acne

If you suffer from acne, you will no doubt be familiar with the full range of acne products. Some work, some don’t. But if you’re ready to try something new, give glycerin a go. It’s a great acne cleanser because it won’t dry out your skin or clog your pores. It can clear oil, dead skin and anything else that you’ve put on your face.

As a moisturizer

There could be nothing worse than constant dry skin – especially on your hands. Glycerin is an effective moisturizer due to its water-retention properties. It’s non-comedogenic, won’t clog pores, and keeps your skin supple and smooth.

For your hair

While this won’t suit everyone – glycerin is effective at helping those with dry or frizzy hair. It will hold and draw moisture, all the while keeping hair slicked down. You will benefit from shiny, well-kept hair!

On your feet

When you’re on your feet all day, over time you will begin to suffer from cracked heels. They become sore, irritated and just plain annoying. If you wash your feet well then apply glycerin onto your heels, it can start to heal those cracks! It traps moisture into your skin and softens the surrounding skin. This works best when you apply it and night and sleep with it lathered on.

Side effects

As with most things, there is such a notion as ‘too much of a good thing’. While it’s very unlikely you would experience side effects of glycerin oil, it’s a possibility. This could include redness and irritation. On the more severe end, some people have suffered from rashes, itching and an allergic reaction. If symptoms persist, see a health professional and stop using it.

So, while many modern-day creams, potions, lotions and balm are beneficial, many just don’t work for the average person. There’s no harm in stepping out of your comfort zone and trying a product a little closer to nature.

5 Benefits of Fennel Oil

Who would have thought that a seed added to curries, stocks, sausage mixtures and salads could be so beneficial for your health that it’s made into an essential oil? It’s an odd thought, but fennel seeds, when steamed, create a beneficial oil that has been used for health benefits for many centuries.

It’s a laxative, a stimulant, a tonic, an antiseptic and so much more. It’s fair to say that once you reap the benefits of fennel oil once, you’ll never be without it again.

Below we list five of the many benefits of fennel oil. You’ll be off to your local health store to buy it in no time!  This may be off-topic from the usual Eczema article, but I want to occasionally explore healthy ingredients that can benefit you internally which is just as or more important than any topical product. Continue reading

Eczema Quick Guide: An Interview

I am very excited to announce that I was recently interview by Health Monitor.

You can find my piece in their Guide to Living with Atopic Dermatitis which is distributed across the United States. Also in this guide you will find other interesting interviews and tips on living with Eczema.

Below my image I have added more information that didn’t make into the guide.

1) What do you usually do to relieve your flare ups?

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Almond Oil Benefits You May Not Have Known

Almonds are fast becoming a preferred snack in many households, and it’s easy to see why.  Right now in Fresno County, California; harvest has just begun where it is a billion dollar business in that area.

Aside from the dramatic evidence to suggest they reduce cardiovascular disease and diabetes, this south-west Asian and Middle Eastern delight also boast several other health benefits. Continue reading

How Good is Hempseed Oil for our Skin?

There’s a common misconception that hemp seed oil is too closely related to hash oil in order to be beneficial. However, while one is in the news for all the wrong reasons, the other is taking the health and beauty scene by storm.  Don’t be fooled by its name, for if you’re particularly interested in natural skin care products, you will just love what hemp seeds and its oil can do for you.

For such a small seed, it’s incredible how many vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients are packed into it. You can expect to benefit from its exceptional amount of protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, omega 3 and 6 and so much more.  Try it out by implementing it into your homemade cream recipe.

You can even reap the benefits of minerals such as potassium, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.  All of these vitamins and minerals work together to provide a beneficial formula for the health of your skin. You can find out what it can do for you below.

It can counteract aging skin

Have you ever felt like no matter which skincare product you bought, nothing ever did the trick? You would expect with so many ingredients packed onto the back of the label, and a price tag indicative of a product that actually worked, you would see some results.

Sometimes, all it takes is to go back to nature. Because hemp seed oil is high in essential fatty acids such as Omega 6 and 3, you will notice a vast improvement in your skin. These fatty acids counteract aging skin and can even help slow down the aging process due to linoleic acid within the oil as well.

Possibly help with Psoriasis?

There are so many products available on the market seeking to combat the painful and irritable skin condition psoriasis. Although there are several different diets you can go on, you can also look into using hemp seed oil.  Some people suffer from psoriasis, no matter what they do with their diet. So, when conventional methods fail – or come with negative side effects – there’s no harm in trying hemp seed oil.

One study has shown that hemp seed oil, among other cannabinoids, was able to inhibit the growth of overactive skin cells. By using hemp seed oil, the growth was slowed by various levels depending on the level of oil used.

It can help keep your skin moisturized for longer

Many people battle with dry, flaky and often irritable skin. This problem can often be exacerbated during colder seasons, or with manual labor. Drug store moisturizers are okay, but they don’t change the behavior of your skin. Hemp seed oil works by training your skin to retain moisture for longer. Daily use will significantly affect how dry your hands get, and can ultimately remove the need to ever buy hand creams and moisturizers again.

It can help prevent oily skin

If you suffer from oily skin, you are sure to have tried everything to get it under control. In fact, you’ve probably spent several hundred dollars and have still come up short. Give hemp seed oil a go. Because it doesn’t clog pores, it’s thought to be the best kind of moisturizing option to give your skin a proper chance to breathe.

Find out more reasons to moisturize by reading this piece.

Know the Risk!

However, with all the health benefits, hemp seed oil does come with some risks.  It can increase the risk of prostate cancer because it promotes the growth of tumors. It’s also an anticoagulant and can cause diarrhoea and cramps.

People looking to use hemp seed oil should check with their doctors, in case they have a condition that may become exacerbated with its use.

My Experience with DermaTherapy Bedding Sheets as an Eczema Sufferer

Precision Fabrics Group(PFG) was kind enough to let me try their new highly engineered bed sheet linens (sent to me FREE by PFG).  PFG is a company that specializes in creating advanced high tech fabrics for many different industries such as healthcare, the military and aerospace.   They are a research group consisting of engineers and scientists.  The DermaTherapy sheets (FDA-Cleared) that they sent me were designed for people with skin conditions such as Eczema.

Just look at the benefits below.

I tested the product over a 6-7 week period and I have to say that I am very impressed. Please read on to find out why.

My unboxing

What I received in the package

The package was a Full size bed set that included – bed sheets(flat and fitted) and 2 pillow cases. *Note – it also comes in Twin, Twin xl, Queen and King.

The materials used in the linen sheets are of a poly/nylon blend (continuous filament fibers) that provide a silky, smooth and cool feeling sensation on the skin.

This will greatly reduce any itchy feeling and discomfort during sleep.  Furthermore, the material contains anti-microbial treatment.  This special property helps reduce allergic reaction and repel bacteria. Continue reading

What is Tea Tree Oil and its Skin Benefits

Having a fresh and camphor-like smell, the interesting scent of tea tree oil has a powerful antimicrobial property that treats a variety of conditions for the skin.  You are probably wondering why I say the scent is interesting?  Well many people I talked to have said they either don’t like the smell or are just okay with the smell after only using many times because of its strong scent.   And there are those who say that it gives off a pleasant smell since it has a eucalyptus type odor providing a relaxing atmosphere.

Extracted from Where?

The oil is extracted from the narrow-leaved paperbark “Melaleuca alternifolia” which is endemic to Australia. The plant is classified as a tree or a tall shrub that grows particularly along streams and swampy flats of southeast Australia.

Danger! Do not Consume!! Skin Application only.

While Australia is known to house some of the most dangerous animals and toxic plants in the world, it is the same with the tea tree oil.  It is considered highly toxic when consumed. Ingesting tea tree oil can instantly cause drowsiness, hallucinations, weakness, diarrhea, stomach upset and severe rashes. Hence reason why the oil is used on the skin (topically) and remember that it is not considered a common tea used for drinking (unrelated from actual tea plant), as the last thing you want is to ingest any of it into your system because of the high toxicity. Continue reading