5 Benefits of Fennel Oil

Who would have thought that a seed added to curries, stocks, sausage mixtures and salads could be so beneficial for your health that it’s made into an essential oil? It’s an odd thought, but fennel seeds, when steamed, create a beneficial oil that has been used for health benefits for many centuries.

It’s a laxative, a stimulant, a tonic, an antiseptic and so much more. It’s fair to say that once you reap the benefits of fennel oil once, you’ll never be without it again.

Below we list five of the many benefits of fennel oil. You’ll be off to your local health store to buy it in no time!  This may be off-topic from the usual Eczema article, but I want to occasionally explore healthy ingredients that can benefit you internally which is just as or more important than any topical product.

Spasm relief

If you suffer from spasms, you will no doubt be familiar with the pain and discomfort that comes with them. They are more than just a slight twitch in your muscles, they’re abnormal contractions in your nerves, muscles, respiratory tract and intestines. When not treated, you can suffer from pulling sensations, coughing, hiccupping, epileptic attacks and even convulsions. It’s not something to ignore, and if one does choose to ignore them, there’s a very real risk of death. Therefore, fennel oil could be of benefit to a lot of people. Acting as a relaxant, it soothes all points of spasms and gives quick relief to sufferers.

Urination stimulant

If you suffer from water retention or swelling, you will notice the many benefits associated with fennel oil. Not only does it help remove excess water from the body with frequent urination, but it also removes toxic elements, salts and acids, all the while reducing fat and cleansing your kidneys.

However, if you’re using fennel oil and you haven’t retained water, it’s necessary that you increase your water consumption to counteract the water loss. This prevents dehydration.

Stomach health

If you’re tired of stomach infections, ulcers and general feelings of being unwell, it’s time to invest in fennel oil. While many tablets, pills and capsules are offered for stomach health (gut included), many people are looking to return to nature with fervour due to the reduced risk of side effects. Fennel oil is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to keeping your stomach healthy and functioning, and works by maintaining normal function of digestive acid and bile.

Worm killer

One of the most common afflictions, especially in children, is worms. Parasitic worms are more commonly found in children, and can cause malnourishment and stunted growth. If you’re having trouble getting your children to take tablets, try your luck with fennel oil. It works by killing both the worms and the spores throughout the excretory tracts and intestines.


If you’re having trouble with milk production as a new mother, fennel oil can help. It increases milk production levels through increased estrogen production, and even reduces indigestion and gas in infants. Don’t be afraid to get back to nature when it comes to the health of you and your baby.

Caution: Fennel oil is known to boost estrogen production. While this is beneficial for new mothers who are lactating, it’s dangerous for women who’ve previously had cancer, or are currently pregnant. If you’re using fennel oil for all kinds of ailments, you must also take care with your dosage. Too much of it can result in mental imbalance and even hallucinations. Epileptics should avoid using fennel oil due to an increased risk of convulsions.

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