Is Clary Sage a Natural Savior? Here are some Benefits of this Miracle Herb

If Mother Nature was a person, she would have received more accolades and rewards than any other, for simply creating clary sage. Clary sage, a plant native to Europe, has been known as an alleviator of many conditions for a number of years. However, it’s not the plant itself that deserves the pat on the back, it’s the essential oil that’s extracted from the buds and leaves.

Clary sage essential oil is used to treat a variety of modern day conditions, and is even used to flavor muscatel wine. As a “jack of all trades”, it’s clear to see you’re onto a winner when you find yourself in possession of clary sage.

It helps with depression

Almost seven percent of the American population suffer from at least one bout of depression each and every year. While it can be difficult to pinpoint any one reason for this spike, it’s important we find alternative methods to treat it. it’s all well and good to provide a range of pills to any individual who’s feeling sad, but the long-term effects of drug-dependency can often be worse than the condition itself.

By using clary sage oil, you can find yourself with newfound confidence, hope, strength for getting through the day, and a boost in your self-esteem levels. Relieving anxiety in the process, it’s an all-round fighter of dark feelings that can lead a person down a road to self-destruction. The next time you’re fighting the black dog, ask your doctor about clary sage oil. It could enable you to turn a whole new leaf.

It can fight and prevent bacterial infections

If you suffer from infections involving the colon, excretory system, urinary or intestinal tracts, you may find reprieve with clary sage oil. This essential oil is so potent that it has the ability to kill bacteria and fungi, and prevent spread and growth of it as well. It pays to keep it in your medicine cabinet at all times.

It lifts your libido

If you’re not quite ready to confide in a doctor, try clary sage oil. Known for its aphrodisiac properties, it has the ability to treat many ailments and even frigidity. It’s suitable for both males and females.

It’s a saving grace for women

If you’re a woman, you will no doubt be familiar with the monthly irritation of menstruation. While it’s natural to go through the cycle, it can be frustrating to deal with the side effects. Some women suffer from irregular periods, while others experience overwhelming cramps. Then there’s the food cravings, the mood swings, the cramping, bloating and general feelings of discomfort. Instead of making an appointment with your gynecologist to get your symptoms in check, buy a bottle of clary sage essential oil. It can help to reduce the many side effects associated with both premenstrual and postmenstrual stress.

It’s a natural deodorant

Synthetic deodorants are not the best option for you or the environment. They come in a non-recyclable can, don’t last as long as you would hope, and can cause allergies and irritation in a select few. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to turn to a natural product that’s known for eliminating bad odor. Clary sage is not only cost-effective in essential oil form, but it lasts a very long time. Dab it on your body and notice a reduction in body odor.

Clary sage could very well be a natural savior. Have you purchased your own supply of it yet?  

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