Derma e: Psorzema Creme Review from an Eczema Sufferer

Derma e: Psorzema Creme front

I first heard about Derma|e Porzema Creme when I visited my local health food store.  I ran into a sales consultant who tried selling me Porzema Creme product and explained how it helped many people with eczema and that I wouldn’t be disappointed.  As usual, I am a bit skeptical in buying anything without research and I respectfully denied it before making any rash decisions.  After many months I haven’t given it much thought until the product arrived at the store that I worked at.  I thought maybe I could take advantage of my employee discount to try the cream out. As any smart consumers would do, I would looked up in many reviews on this product to determine its worth.  Surprisingly, many eczema sufferers have given it good ratings, however there were also a few who may disagree what “Psorzema” claim to do. I may represent the few for couple reasons.

Derma e: Psorzema Creme box

Based on the packaging, it has the following statements:

  • Safe and effective blend of herbal extracts & skin vitamins
  • Provide natural relief from symptoms of scaling and flaking
  • Helps soothe itching and irritated dry skin
  • Contains no coal/pine tars, steroids, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil or artificial colors
  • Cruelty free/gluten free/vegan/pH balanced
  • The healing benefits of ingredients such as Neem, Burdock, vitamin A & E and Bearberry

My Impression on Derma|e

Derma e products usually contain good eczema ingredients with some being certified organic.  From using it for 2 months,  I like how it doesn’t irritate my skin and how the cream feels when I apply it to my highly sensitive skin. No stinging or much tingling sensation.  It also has no trace of scent which is also a plus for me.  The cream glides on nicely on my skin and my skin almost feels refreshing for couple seconds then disappears.   I like the fact how it does not appear greasy after the application. It’s almost like a perfect light night cream regardless of its claim in delivering both skin moisturization and itch relief in which I will discuss later.

Derma e: Psorzema Creme


The ingredients that are found in this product are Neem oil, burdock, bearberry, and vitamin A & E. I never heard of bearberry, as I never encountered this ingredient in any eczema creams that I have used in the past. Historically, bearberry is used to treat urinary tract infections and kidney stones.  Its only recent that bearberry is used in mainstream cosmetics.  In creams, it is known to help cleanse the skin but also has a hypopigmenting effect, a whitening effect on the skin to help those who want to rid of freckles and aging spots.  A powerful agent but when combined with other ingredients like in creams, the powerful effect is subdue making it perfectly safe for human use. (  These ingredients are more likely to enhance the healing powers of this cream. For me, on the contrary, it may not have that much positive effect on my skin when testing it.

Deram|e Cream

My Final Impression

The type of condition the cream is meant to treat as described above is a bit broad.  You would automatically think it was meant for eczema and possibly psoriasis hence the name of the product. Regardless of the good ingredients found in this product, I did not find it effective for itch relief nor does it moisturize my skin enough, unless I add some type of hydrating serum before hand. Since it is winter in North America, I would need a real powerful moisturizer, so I didn’t find this to be an all-season moisturizer to go to.  It may become useful during the hot humid summer days to help contribute to skin moisture.  If Psorzema doesn’t relieve the itching problem as in my case, it is less likely to help the skin from scaling and flaking (assuming we know the itch-scratch-rash cycle).

In addition, it’s a bit costly at around $20 for a small container(113g). However, because it is so light and spreadable, I can potentially see it lasting long if used only on the face and neck.  From the mixed reviews, some people find it moisturizing, others do not. In terms of the product’s effectiveness and the cost, I find it to be economically infeasible for me. Honestly, I am better off using a basic moisturizer.  But overall when I do apply the cream, I do like the soothing feeling at first but then my skin starts to tighten up after awhile, from the lack of moisturization.

Even though it may not worked on a some people including myself, it seemed to work for many others.  So try and test yourself and do let me know in the comments or by email about your experience with this cream.

I grew up with a mild to severe case of Eczema. I'm all about skin care tips, good eating, skin cream reviews, and healthy & positive living!