Uses of Lanolin Ingredient in Creams and its possible side effects

Lanolin is another name of wool grease and is derived by extracting and processing wool by shorn from domestic sheep. The main reason why sheep have Lanolin is because of its amazing waterproof properties that helps to keep the sheep’s internal body moisturized. It also helps to maintain the integrity of the wool on a rainy season by preventing is from getting wet. It also acts as an antibacterial agent and helps to soften the skin. Because of its protective properties, it is usually used in lotions and cosmetic creams designed to moisturized and smoothen the skin.

Why Lanolin is used as an ingredient in cream products?

One amazing property of Lanolin is that, it offers a bi-directional water transportation. This actually means that it not only attracts moisture but it also redistributes it to the environment with low relative humidity. When applied topically, it penetrates to the skin and hydrate it as well as prevent moisture loss. This helps to create a smoother and softer skin.

Benefits of Lanolin as a cream ingredient

It helps to maintain soft facial skin

Lanolin molecular structure closely resembles that of human skin and for that reason it is commonly used in skin care products. It can actually helps the skin to retain moisture as well as create a barrier on the surface of the skin to protect it from external elements. This enables you to have a softer smooth face.

This ingredient can be found in “Nivea”, the original that comes in a blue container. I actually would recommend it if you are experience super dry skin caused by eczema as many skin products on the market doesn’t come close to its match. If however, you are allergic to Lanolin then I suggest another alternative.

Soothing chapped lips

When temperatures are cold and air is dry, lips always tend to be dry and flaky. Lip balm that contains Lanolin delivers moisture to the lip skin thus helping it to maintain moisture that prevent it from drying up. It can also be used to heal lips that have already chapped.

It softens callused hands

The penetrating properties makes it the perfect ingredient to tackle cases of rough callused hands. Creams made with Lanolin actually penetrate deep into the skin restoring moisture as well as create a barrier in the underlying layer to prevent the moisture from escaping. When used regularly, it can help tackle callused hands.

It moisturizes cracked feet

Wearing high heels, sandals or shoes without socks can result to dry cracked feet. The moisturizing properties will help counter this effect.

Side effects

Various clinical researches that have been conducted on Lanolin have shown that it is safe when used properly. However people who are allergic to wool may develop allergic contact dermatitis (another form of eczema) which is actually a type of rash developed when using products that contain Lanolin. This rash can result to swelling, itching, redness and even blistering.


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