A Severe Eczema Sufferers Common Questions

I decided to gather several individual Anonymous emails that was sent to me. I pulled out some of the most common questions that were directed to me. Based on these questions I created a Character based on the concerns of all the emails.

eczema sufferors scenerio

  • He is between the ages of 30s – 50s.
  • Last few Months have been terrible to the point where it affects one of his normal activities of daily living.
  • Seeing a Dermatologist soon.
  • Works in an environment where it is dusty.
  • Cannot sleep and been using different tablets, lotions and creams (aqueous).
  • Uses many organic products, but hasn’t made any progress in his Eczema
  • Which Washing Powder should be use as his clothes may be the a culprit?

My Response: Tips and Concerns

I have been through that type of stage where I felt zombiyish and pain every time I move or bend, so I know exactly how you feel.

Eczema can be very complex, so I highly recommend bringing products you use so you can show it to your dermatologist on your next visit. A good dermatologist should be able identify the irritants in the ingredients listed in the products you. I recommend booking that appointment as soon as possible.

Pinpointing Eczema Triggers

Each individual is different as they may be affected by one or several triggers.  Based on the information you provided, I can pin point some triggers as it sounds like you have a lot of things going on:

  • Possible allergies to dusts as it is a common trigger for many of us especially the environment you are in. I would suggest get an allergy test.
  • Possible allergies to washing powder: it’s common for companies to change their ingredients. I often look for the ones meant for sensitive skin (no fragrance/unscented, no dyes).
    • I currently use Tide and Nature Clean (liquid form) but I often buy any on sale in which I see fit.
    • The ones I definitely wouldn’t recommend is the cold washing types as I believe anything wash with warmer/hot water is better at getting rid of residues.
  • Seasonal allergies: spring is the worst time where pollen spread everywhere. I am allergic to pollen as well.
  • Change in allergies (as it is possible as we get older; For me, my allergies shifted from being allergic to milk at a young age then to soy products in my 20s).
  • Red Wine/Alcohol & coffee : may want to eliminate those and limit the coffee.
  • Decrease in immunity as you are lacking sleep in which I believe is essential. Meds often disrupt sleep, so I hope there are alternatives that won’t affect your sleep. I have written an article how sleep really affects our immune system.
  • Aqueous Creams: I personally never used it but I have found out that this cream may contain Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) as it known to be a real irritant for eczema according to National Eczema Society (http://www.eczema.org/aqeous). For reassurance, I would definitely bring this up to your dermatologist and I recommend reading my article on my picks for Eczema creams.

Bathing versus Showering

I often find that baths are more relaxing and better for the skin versus showers, so if you got some time try bathing even in plain water (with slight cleaning with your soap. I mainly use Dove) up to 5-10 mins. Other times I may shower twice in a day (morning & before bed) when I get flare-ups as I know moisturization helps decrease healing time.

Face Sensitivity

My face is very sensitive as well. You can try my apple cider vinegar toner mix. I had a couple of emails where people found it works well on their facial eczema. You can use it twice daily like any toner and I found this tremendously help with the itching and was better in absorbing any moisturizers you put on afterwards.

I grew up with a mild to severe case of Eczema. I'm all about skin care tips, good eating, skin cream reviews, and healthy & positive living!