Emu Oil- Benefits on the Skin and How to Use

Extracted from the second largest living bird in terms of height, emu oil is found in the adipose tissue of the emu bird. It has been used by the Aboriginals of Australia for centuries as a natural remedy.  They also use other parts of the animal for clothing and food as nothing goes to waste.

Depending on the diet of the animal, the extracted emu oil varies in color and thickness ranging from a white creamy consistency up to a thin yellow solution which is composed of fatty acids, oleic acid and linolenic acid.

Skin Application Benefits

Aside from being used to improve cholesterol level, weight loss and as an additive ingredient in cough medicines, it can also be applied to the skin.

From the chemicals in its fatty acids, emu oil reduces the pain from skin swelling and inflammation associated with certain skin disease where it has further showed to be more effective in  treating sudden or acute inflammation rather than ongoing chronic cases .

It can somewhat aid in protecting our skin from the sun as it acts as a natural sun block but I still recommend using traditional sun screen especially it is cheaper for the amount needed on our exposed skin. Essentials oils are usually expensive for the amount you get.

Moisturizer? Pimples?

One good factor in using this oil is that it does not clog the pores of the skin which in turn prevents the occurrence of pimples. With this unique oil characteristic, it has become a good skin moisturizer which further exhibits to promote the anti-aging of the skin. This is due to the unique combination of saturated + unsaturated fats which in effect enhances the health and wellness of the upper skin layer helping to hold more water.  One last thing I want to mention is that since it has properties of Terpenes it can act as a natural insect repellent thereby eliminating those irritating insect bites.  If you want to make your own repellent then follow my homemade recipe (no deet).

Penetration – Use in Chiropractic Practices

Emu oil can penetrate deep in our skin reaching the profound stratum corneum layer.  One of the popular applications of emu oil is in the chiropractic field. Massage therapist uses emu oil messaging it on the skin and allowing the muscles to be fully relaxed and rejuvenated from stress brought about especially from work. It also reduces pain caused by the swelling and stiffness of the joint particularly in sports related muscle strains.  In other words it is great for relieving joint and muscle discomfort.

But do take note there have been individuals who do not find it useful for muscle or joint relive because in fact this oil is quite strong as compared to other types of oil that are used in the same field.  Please speak with your specialist if you have concerns or have any issues.

Is it Safe? Lack of Data?

Emu oil also possesses an incredible antibacterial element. Supposedly no bacteria can grow in a pure emu oil solution. Compared to other essential oils, it has a low potential for causing any skin irritation and no known side effects known for its use.  But the issue is the fact that there isn’t enough information and data available.  So do take precaution and according to WebMD, it should be avoided during pregnancy or if you are breast feeding.

But like always when you are apply something new onto your skin; please test a small sample to see if you will have any skin irritation, discomfort or allergic reaction.  Follow this post to see how I test any new products on my skin.

How do I use EMU oil?

This will depend on your situation as it can be applied directly as a mix or on its own. It is also dependent on which part of the body you are applying it to.  Generally for myself as an Eczema sufferer, I prefer to mix any essential oils with a thicker base agent such as Shea or Cocoa butter. I wrote an article on this topic and I give directions and pointers on how to make your own.  You can read it at this page or join my mailing list below.

I never use essential oil on its own since I do not like the oily feeling on my skin since I prefer a creamier feel. It is a preference thing as some do use it on its own or mixing it with other oils such Peppermint or Coconut.

I grew up with a mild to severe case of Eczema. I'm all about skin care tips, good eating, skin cream reviews, and healthy & positive living!