Solberry Sea Buckthorn Puree – A great way to add omega fatty acids to your Eczema/Psoriasis diet

Solberry Sea Buckthorn benefits Eczema

There are studies that shows that fish-oils have the ability to significantly reduce leukotriene B4, a known inflammatory substance that causes eczema due to the presence of one of the omega 3’s.

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However, if you are like me who is allergic to fish, consuming fish oils would be a terrible idea.  Other alternatives includes flax seed oil (which is highly expensive) or eating nuts, seeds or avocados etc.  It is usually hard to keep track on how much Omega’s we need due to the fact that we are more likely to have the deficiency in it along with other vitamins & minerals as well.  However, I found an interesting potential product that I believed help me endure the pain of Eczema on certain parts of my body where it wouldn’t go away.  It is called the Sea Buckthorn Puree!!

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To sum it up, Sea buckthorn is like a type of superfood containing many nutrients, vitamins & minerals found in one little ancient orange berry!! It is a strong plant that can endure the harsh winter climates of Siberia, the Himalayas & the prairies.

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Interesting historical fact:

  • Genghis Khan believed it gave his armies & horses incredible strength & endurance and conquered the world!

  • The Greeks similarly fed their horses & conquered the world l

  • Was brought to the Canadian Prairies in early 20th century as a landscape plant & later used as shelter-belt plant to deter land erosion

  • Sea Buckthron oil was used as a supplement by Russian cosmonauts to protect against radiation

  • China used its juice form as an official Olympic team drink for the 1988 Seoul Olympic games

  • Currently its oil & natural derivatives are found in high-end skincare lines & a variety of functional foods.

It is known to be:

  • non-citrus

    • which is good to avoid, especially when we flare up due to a release of histamine in which you can read on my site

  • gluten-free

    • which is good for those of us who can’t eat wheat, whole grains or anything related to gluten

  • source of Vitamin:

    • C, E, A, B1, B2, B5, D, P, K

  • Minerals:

    • K (potassium), Ca (calcium), Mg (Magnesium), Cu (copper), Zn (Zinc), Cr (cranium), Se (selenium)

  • Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 & Omega 7**

  • Carotenoids:

    • a powerful antioxidant(learn more) that prevents cellular damage & protects Red Blood cells from peroxidation & cell aging

  • Phytosterols & Polyphenols:

    • plant sterols that mimic cholesterol in small intestine & inhibit cholesterol absorption which results in lowering LDL-cholesterol levels (the bad cholesterols) with no detrimental effect on HDL-cholesterol (the good cholesterol)

    • effectively protect against oxidation, formation of tumours & radiation

  • no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers

**Omega 7 is something we don’t commonly hear.  It is a rare constituent found in this fruit & is a component of human skin. It promotes healing on burned, scalded, wounded or radioactively damaged skin of humans & animals alike.  It also contains anti-inflammatory effects and has the ability in lowering cholesterol & triglyceride along with stroke-suppressing effects.

Graphical View of Benefits

Sea Buckthorn Benetfits

Meeting the Creator

In my area, it is regulated by the Food inspection Agency.  I was one of the first people to try it last year before it hit the market in mostly health food stores such as Organza, Vita-health, Sunrise, etc. I have met the creator named Mila Maximets who caught my attention and claimed it help people with psoriasis while I was exploring an Expo in my Hometown.


 I was bit skeptical at first, but the next day I changed my mind and got it for a fair price thinking I have nothing to lose (except for the money part).  I wanted to test it out. I had one huge eczema patch with elevated bumps (or eczema bubbles) that constantly weep & itch like crazy that it became annoying.  It was so gross that I wanted to hide it, but if I were to run a marathon in shorts or capris I bet I would get questions on what happened to my ankle because I honestly looked like I had been severely burnt in that area. My skin was gradually healing after years of phototheraphy but after 2 months of consuming it, it stopped itching & help speed up the healing.

sorbet Solberry Sea Buckthorne Puree
Sorbet – Solberry Sea Buckthorne

As directed, you can dilute a tbsp of Solberry Sea Buckthorn Puree in water 1-3 times daily before meals.  You can mix it with yogurt,  or in a smoothie (my preference) or your favorite beverage because it does have a strong bitterness to it or quoted as “tart”.

Final thoughts: I was very impressed with the results as I noticed my skin became more hydrated and smoother.  It reinforces the fact that all these benefits put together improves skin hydration, elasticity & roughness.  Mostly importantly, it stopped the itch in my ankle (one of the toughest spots to heal). I would definitely recommend adding it to your diet.  Just understand that it is pricey as I purchased mine for $21.99 for one bottle.

Here is my testimony from the solberry site.

“Hello we have met at the marathon expo. I was the girl who was struggling with a chronic skin disorder. I’ve been trying your solberry purée for about 2 months and I noticed my permanent-like eczema patch on my ankle is going away. I’m been going to phototheraphy for nearly 3 years and I believe the puree may have sped up the healing because it was a tough place to heal and it was always itchy.
A friend of mine is interested in trying out your product and I was about to buy one for her. Will there be another expo or place you’ll be advertising soon?
Anyway thx for helping and recommending the purée. I really love it! I’m glad to have met you! :)”


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