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5 Benefits of Fennel Oil

Who would have thought that a seed added to curries, stocks, sausage mixtures and salads could be so beneficial for your health that it’s made into an essential oil? It’s an odd thought, but fennel seeds, when steamed, create a beneficial oil that has been used for health benefits for many centuries.

It’s a laxative, a stimulant, a tonic, an antiseptic and so much more. It’s fair to say that once you reap the benefits of fennel oil once, you’ll never be without it again.

Below we list five of the many benefits of fennel oil. You’ll be off to your local health store to buy it in no time!  This may be off-topic from the usual Eczema article, but I want to occasionally explore healthy ingredients that can benefit you internally which is just as or more important than any topical product. Continue reading

Include Black Bean Salad into your Eczema Diet

Here is a video that I made demonstrating how to make my favorite salad the “Black Bean Salad,” with Manuka Honey Lime Dressing.  I recommend having Black beans in our Eczema diet as it’s known to contain many nutrients that benefit the skin especially for those with Eczema.

Black bean is underutilized in many salads, so I wanted to incorporate them in some way in my own salad.  It is very easy to make and all you need are the following ingredients.

  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Onions
  • Corn
  • Black Beans

Salad Dressing Ingredients

  • Manuka Honey
  • Cumin
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Eczema is the marker for Cardiovascular Health Risk Factors: How to FIGHT IT!?


We know that Eczema is correlated with sleep disturbances to those with moderate-to-severe conditions. Did you also know that Eczema combined with lack of sleep causes a higher risk of cardiovascular disease?

Surprisingly, a US study has shown that Adults with Eczema are more likely to smoke and drink in moderate & heavy amounts (Silverberg & Greenland, 2015).  Similar behavioral results was found among those with psoriasis which may suggest it relates to inflammatory skin diseases.

cigarettes Smoking increase Eczema flare ups

To make matters worse, those with Eczema have lower frequency of vigorous activity compared to those with no history of Eczema (p. 721). MY BIG GUESS besides lack of sleep, energy and itching is that most of us are afraid of SWEAT, one of the potential triggers of eczema flare-ups. All of these often results to lower quality of life and living the sedentary lifestyle which leads to unhealthy behaviors. Continue reading

Avoid Energy and Sport Drinks if you have Eczema?

Energy Drinks and Sports Drinks: Effects Eczema Negatively?

Energy and Sport drinks are gaining interests as growing rates of consumption is proven to be significantly profitable but raising health concerns (Burrows, Pursey, Neve, & Stanwell, 2013). Similarly to the fat-free industry, the Energy Drink industry (ex. Red Bull, Monster) has made some unlikely health benefits claims such as an increase in self-perceived muscle power than those who do not drink it.

On the other hand, Sport drinks (ex. Gatorade, PowerAde) have a different formulation that promotes wakefulness and productivity since it has carbohydrates (including sugar/glucose and fructose). This enhances athletic performances when engaging in long physical activities. Continue reading

My favorite Smoothie for Eczema: Avocado & Banana

This smoothie mix is similar to both the Brazilian avocado specialty drink and the avocado bubble tea that you can buy from most Asian restaurants.   This recipe that I am going to show you is a healthier alternative for these reasons below:

  • Low in sugar (does not have the sweet condense milk, unnecessary amounts of refined sugar, or lots of honey commonly found in all store-bought drinks)
  • No milk products or lactose that adds to unnecessary sugar intake that may cause body inflammation

Continue reading

Solberry Sea Buckthorn Puree – A great way to add omega fatty acids to your Eczema/Psoriasis diet

Solberry Sea Buckthorn benefits Eczema

There are studies that shows that fish-oils have the ability to significantly reduce leukotriene B4, a known inflammatory substance that causes eczema due to the presence of one of the omega 3’s.


Fish Oil Pills

However, if you are like me who is allergic to fish, consuming fish oils would be a terrible idea.  Other alternatives includes flax seed oil (which is highly expensive) or eating nuts, seeds or avocados etc.  It is usually hard to keep track on how much Omega’s we need due to the fact that we are more likely to have the deficiency in it along with other vitamins & minerals as well.  However, I found an interesting potential product that I believed help me endure the pain of Eczema on certain parts of my body where it wouldn’t go away.  It is called the Sea Buckthorn Puree!!

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Top 3 Common Food/Drinks to look into for your Eczema Diet

1. Caffeinated drinks & alcohol

How many of us enjoy drinking coffee/tea in the morning? Or even unnoticeable consume soda pops daily? It becomes part of our daily intake that we aren’t aware of the outcome because we assume that it is normal today… well think again.


I really love coffee but I wouldn’t go over 1 big cup of it in a day, unless I really need a boost to keep me studying through the night for exams. From a news program, a friend heard that 300 mg of coffee can cause skin problems including atopic dermatitis. Regardless if it’s true or not, I highly agree from experience that too much coffee & caffeine will trigger my flare-ups.

Similarly for you tea lovers, Continue reading