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2 New Eczema Treatment ? – Dupilumab & Crisaborole

An estimated 10% of adults in the United States are affected by hyperactive inflammation of the skin called eczema (detail explanation) which causes rashes, dryness and itchiness in mild condition to blistering and bleeding of the skin in extreme cases. This type of skin disease is caused by a mixture of genetic and environmental factors like extreme temperature and dust particles in the wind.

The application of steroids as a treatment for patients suffering from eczema is the most common dermatological practice, but this kind of treatment suppresses the body’s inflammatory response thereby weakening our immune system. Aside from this, Dermatologist suggests that treatment using steroids are not safe due to side effects like weakening of the skin, kidney damage and osteoporosis.

Thanks to modern research as scientist were able to isolate and identify the molecular protein found in our body as the triggering mechanism for eczema. This discovery has led to the development of new treatment drugs and has changed dermatologists look at eczema as it has previously linked entirely to the weakening of the immune system. Continue reading