Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood has long been used for incense, cosmetics, aftershave and perfume due to its sweet smell, but did you know it has many health benefits as well? Traditionally used in Eastern countries including India for religious ceremonies, it’s a high quality oil with its tree found in India, Hawaii and Australia.

However, due to its health benefits, supply has dwindled for the most pure Sandalwood forms in its efforts to keep up with demand. Due to the demand taking over supply, sandalwood essential oils are now one of the most expensive essential oils on the market and is popular in many home remedies such as body-butters. If you find yourself opting for the sweet scents of this ever popular oil, read below to find out how it may be of benefit to your health.

It boosts your memory

If you’re studying for that big test or you have a lot on your mind, use sandalwood oil to help get your life in order.

It acts by boosting the memory to provide a quick link between your mind and the task at hand. When you have a lot going on, your mind can become jumbled which in turn, affects your memory. Light a sandalwood incense or use the essential oils version to gain back all those important tasks needing remembered.

It provides clarity of the mind

Alongside helping you with your memory, it can also help with clearing your mind. This can be very beneficial if you’re stressed or overwhelmed with every day life. It has long been used for spiritual rituals such as meditation and prayer due to its mind clearing attributes. It promotes attention and cognitive clarity and has a calming effect on all those who use incense or essential oils.

It’s a natural aphrodisiac

Sometimes life gets in the way and we aren’t in the mood to be intimate with our partners. Primarily beneficial for men, sandalwood acts as an aphrodisiac by increasing libido and energy to get them in the mood. It can also be applied as a massage oil to heighten the mood even further.

It’s an anti-septic and anti-viral solution

Before you reach for man made products, why not look into how sandalwood can be of benefit to you for anti-septic and anti-viral reasons?

Research has shown that it is able to prevent common viruses from reoccurring, as well as being an exceptional healing product for wounds.

Whether you have a pimple, a wart, a boil or skin irritation, simply dab sandalwood essential oil mixed with a base oil such as olive oil on the affected area and reap the benefits. Its anti-viral and anti-septic benefits also extend to chest infections, urinary tract infections and sore throats. You must always test the oil by dabbing a small portion on your skin to make sure there are no ill effects before continuing.

There are no known risks associated with the use of sandalwood essential oils, but it is not recommended for use without a base oil such as olive oil mixed into it. It can also be blended with black pepper, lavender, rose, geranium or vetiver for soothing aromatherapy.

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