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Stress and its Negative Effects on Eczema

While we can define stress in many ways, let us just put it this way: stress is caused when something disturbs your physical, social and mental routine. For example, when your job is described as a routine work then suddenly you are loaded with a pile of document or perhaps tasked to solve an office problem and come up with an immediate solution, that’s stress.  Studies show that people with demanding job has an 80% chance of being depressed.

Acute Stress – A Good thing?

Our bodies response to stress is it will trigger the production of hormones like adrenaline which will surge throughout our body’s system where the stress level in each person varies. Caused by a short term and a minimum amount of stress, acute stress can actually be good for us as it keeps us active, alert and accomplish the task easily. Continue reading

Skin Care Benefits of using Rosehip Oil

Extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush, rosehip(RH) oil is a popular cosmetic ingredient. It contains vitamins(natural Vit. A), minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that has several benefits such as reducing dark blemishes on your skin, rehydrate the skin and reduce the occurrence of fine lines and scars.

Although RH oil is popular in cosmetics, it is better to use this in its pure oil form as it has not been altered and not contaminated with other cosmetic ingredients. You can start using this oil as part of your morning ritual.

Application after Shower

After taking a shower, apply a small amount of rosehip oil(few drops) onto your hand and gently/softly rub it in (massage like motion) to the areas of your face. Since the oil is super light, it is easily absorbed into your skin. So give a minute or two allowing it to settle down. You can apply twice daily, one time in the morning and at night. At night time you can apply your favorite nighttime moisturizer after the application of the RH oil. Continue reading

What is Copper Peptides and its Benefit on the Hair and Skin?

Clinically termed as GHK-Cu or “glycyl-L histidyl-L-lysine”, copper peptides are an amino acid that has a tripep-tide which a has close affinity to copper ions and is naturally occurring in the human plasma, saliva and urine. At the age of 20, the normal level of copper peptides in the body is about 200 µg/ml and will significantly drop to 80 µg/ml by the age of 60.

Its Discovery and How is it good for us?

When American biochemist Loren Pickart first isolated copper peptides(CP) in 1973 from human albumin (liver protein), he noticed that the liver cells of old patients when enriched with CP from liver cells of young people, their liver was functioning pretty efficient or much better than before.

Since then, CP was much more than that and was effective in promoting wound healing, attraction of immune cells, stimulation of collagen and promotion of blood vessel growth. Recent studies show that the cosmetic application of CP can have a positive effect on our genes providing a sort of reparative and anti-aging compound. From what I am understanding is that it depends on the level of CP(GHK-copper), as some products on the market may have too little of it to even have an impact.

Scientific symbol – Wikipedia

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Understanding Petroleum Based Products and Possible Danger?

Processed in oil refineries, crude oil is purified to produce fuel collectively termed as petroleum. But during refinery, only half of the crude oil content is refined into petroleum where a barrel of crude oil containing 42 gallons only produces 20 gallons of gasoline fuel. The remaining by-product becomes the base ingredients for over 6,000 based products which includes fertilizer, insecticides, linoleum and perfume to name a few.

Everyday Products

Let us not go far and show you various petroleum based product that can be found in your house. From the moment you wake to take a shower the soap lather and shampoo that you use probably contains petroleum by-products. The same goes for the cosmetics that you use as well.

Clothing and Irritations

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Jojoba Oil 101: Is it Good for the Skin or Eczema?

Jojoba oil and Eczema

Historically used to grease weapons during the Second World War, jojoba oil raised its popularity from being a lubricant to treating skin sores and wounds. This golden-colored liquid with a nutty scent is extracted from the seeds of jojoba shrub which is endemic to southern Arizona, California and northwest Mexico.

Comprising 50% of the seed, the oil is initially extracted which will then undergo hydrolysis removing the glycerol content giving a more refined oil. It does not hardened into wax as it has a very low melting point at 10OC making it a good additive in cosmetic products providing it a more stable and longer shelf life.

Further, it even became more popular when restrictions/banned were placed on the use of whale oil in cosmetic products.  Whale oil which contains cetyl alchohol was then replaced with jojoba oil as it found to be far more effective compared from its mammalian counterpart.

Jojoba oil has several benefits

There are Vitamin E compounds in jojoba oil as well as other minerals that promote healthy skin. These minerals have benefits where it plays a role in helping to reduce any damaging effects of free radical that causes chronic diseases and cancer. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties making it difficult for bad bacteria and fungi to grow on ones skin of a user of the oil.

Since this oil is chemically similar to our skin’s natural oils called sebum, it will supplement for the lost natural oils that has been stripped off from using soaps and other cleaning agents.

Benefits for Eczema – Ceramides?

This is a good choice to use in your homemade body butter especially if you are allergic nuts.  Being nut free and being lightweight is a Win. It is known to helps cure wounds at an effective rate.  It will help restore damaged skin to a certain extent caused by Eczema.  And furthermore it has a very high composition of Ceramides, which I recommend in any lotions especially if you have Eczema (my explanation).  But, I still have to use other lotions for moisturization purposes, as Jojoba alone will not do this job. Continue reading

Understanding Bergamot Essential Oils and its Health Benefits

Extracted from the cells of a bergamot orange fruit using cold-pressed method, this essential-oil is a top ingredient in perfumes. The scent is very similar to that of a sweet and light orange peel that has a floral fragrance.  It is found in popular black teas such as Earl Grey and was the original base component of Eau de Cologne.


The fruit where the oil was derived comes from the orange Citrus bergamia. This is a highly fragrant fruit that has a yellow color similar to a lemon. It is not related to the herb or wild bergamot as the orange species is a hybrid of the citrus family.  This small citrus tree blossoms during the winter. Also called as the Prince of Pears, the juice of a bergamot orange is less sour than lemon but it is more bitter than grapefruit.

Sour orange by La.Catholique, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by Seaton


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What are Antioxidants and Why is it Good for us?

Free radicals are known to cause aging and diseases like cancer, heart disease, decline in immune system and many others. But our bodies are designed to naturally combat it. The formation of free radicals is controlled by beneficial compounds known as antioxidants which can stabilize or deactivate a free radical before they can attack healthy cells.

Natural Occurring?

Antioxidants can be both man-made or naturally occurring with the primary function of preventing or delaying damage to a cell as a result of oxidation (a chemical reaction when combined with oxygen). Continue reading

2016 Thoughts and New Video on Summer Products

I cannot emphasize enough how much our skin immunity and health relates to our skin being exposed to sunlight to in order to absorb vitamin D (yes the same type of vitamin that’s important for our bones in calcium absorption and overall health).  The sun makes us feel good, and the best way to get our vitamin D’s is through direct sunlight moderately.  Always remember to put on sun protection especially if you need to be out between the time of 10am and 2pm.

Organic Versions

Last summer I reviewed a couple of organic sunscreens(some with essential oils) that were compatible with my super sensitive skin and Eczema. From that review and testing, none had toxic smell and no irritation has ever occurred on my face (the most sensitive part of my body)! I personally loved the smell of natural essential oils.

In my new video below, I reviewed more products for the summer of 2016.  This video is basically a list my recommended products for those with sensitive skin.   I review 2 types of lip balm, 2 different kinds of sunscreen(one for the face & one for the body) and one insect repellent.

You should find these organic products in your health food stores or drugstores.  If worse comes to worse, there is always the online way. Continue reading

Ways to Motivate Oneself to Exercise for a Healthier Life

Exercising our body is very important in maintaining physical health particularly in regulating our digestive system, development of healthy bones (especially from an early age), strengthening our immune system and promotes overall well-being in general. With regular exercise you may also notice your skin will glow more and your eczema will occur less frequently as the blood flows through the entire body (specifically wherever the muscle is active) rather than just concentrating on your heart. Make sure to watch my video at the end of this article on the benefits of exercise on Eczema.

But as our busy lifestyle focuses our attention to work and other activities that gives us stress, not to mention the foods that we eat which most of the time are not healthy, our body tends to degrade which decreases our physical health and exposing us to various diseases. Study shows that 17% of heart disease and diabetes cases have been contributed to lack of exercise.

You may be convinced of the positive effects of exercise, but for most of us, doing it is easier said than done. Here are some ways to motivate you to exercise and have a good physical health: Continue reading

What is Fragrance in Cosmetic Products? Any Concerns?

Intended to be applied on a person’s skin, cosmetic products contain several ingredients that makes your skin smooth and moisturized. When combined, most of these cosmetic ingredients will produce an unpleasant smell as these are a concoction of various chemicals. In order to mask the undesired scent, fragrances are usually added which also enhances the benefits of cosmetic products making you more attractive.

Why Fragrance?

Aside from the direct benefits of using cosmetic products, fragrances indirectly satisfy some of our emotional needs. It can create good mood while giving you a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and softness. It can also alleviate stress while uplifting your general well-being while some consumers believe it can trigger an attraction to your partner. These are the reasons why scented cosmetic goods are preferred by consumers compared to the unscented versions. With this, fragrance has become synonymous with cosmetic products.

Government Definition

Defined by the US Food and Drug Administration, fragrance is characterized as a mixture of chemicals which produces a distinct scent. This concept and definition answers our thought on the long list of fragrances available in the market. This also leads to the uniqueness of every cosmetic product having its own distinct smell where each scent is derived from proprietary blends or trade secrets. Continue reading