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Baby Eczema

Growing Up With Eczema

Baby Eczema

I never lived a normal life as a child. I’d be scratching all over from head to toe and often found bloody spots in my blanket each night. I had a pretty severe case of eczema where I would scratch to the point my skin would bleed. Everyone would ask me “What’s wrong with my face?” because it was often red and scaly. I felt a bit alienated and ugly thinking I was the only one in the world who had it. This condition has prevented me in participating in sports, things that I love to do or do normal things in life. I would wear long sleeves & pants just to cover up all my scars, cuts or whatever regardless if i am boiling hot. The worst thing is that it isn’t a nightmare, it is real and I always dreamed one day it would go away but it hardly seem to happen and I was almost losing faith.

Early Twenties
As I grew up from my teenage years to my early twenties , it slowly went away, often come & go.  Eczema peaked when I hit depression at the age of 24. I was desperate and tried many products. Some even worsen my skin and I ended up feeling pain from extreme scratching to the point where it made my skin feel raw. Sometimes I feel pretty when Eczema goes away for few days and other times I feel like a real monster when it comes back in a vengeance.  I’ve been told that I am pretty when I look my best but it took me many years to even look in the mirror and believing it.

Fighting Back
At that point I was thinking this suffering is no way to live. I’ve been reading articles and constantly researching on ways to heal while I was living under a rock. I can honestly tell you there is a way to maintain this condition because I’m starting to live a normal life now without people suspecting that I even have this skin disorder. At the same time I felt like I’m catching up on normal things in life that I should have many years ago. People may expect you have “done this or that” or have gone through phases based on my age but truth is I am still learning, experiencing new things and starting to appreciate little things in life.

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I grew up with a mild to severe case of Eczema. I'm all about skin care tips, good eating, skin cream reviews, and healthy & positive living!